Cage Match Comparison 2022 Liberty Evolv 90W vs Dynastar M-Pro 90W


The Velvet Hammer
SkiTalk Tester
Nov 1, 2015

These two skis share a waist width, but that's where their similarities end. While Liberty has been known for playful skis that have always attracted the younger crowd, they have taken on a bit more of a serious side with the VMT technology implemented in the Evolv series. The Evolv 90 looks flirtatious in her hot pink garb, but beneath the frippery is the soul of a prize fighter. The Evolv 90w is now a powerful ski that loves to punch through crud, but she also can be light on her feet. While she isn't really a carving ski, she carves pretty darn well, holding an edge with confidence and also performing well off piste and in the steeps. This one is a winner both in looks and performance in a way that will stand out in any crowd.

Meanwhile, Dynastar has entered the ring with the M-Pro 90 W. In contrast to the Liberty, the Dynastar is a ballerina in a business suit. Her long tip profile, a proven success for Dynastar, adds a frolicsome nature to this ski. She dances in powder but she also loves to charge, taking on the cruddiest of crud. Her understated yet elegant attire lets you be stealthy on your ski adventures.

  • Why choose the LIberty Evolv 90W? You want a ski that stands out in a crowd, as well as holds up on groomers and off piste.
  • Why choose the Dynastar M-Pro 90 W? You want a crud-busting ski that has a sassy side.
  • Insider tip: These two skis could co-exist in the same quiver because they're that different.