Cage Match Comparison 2022 Rossignol Experience 82 Ti W vs 2022 Fischer RC One 82 GT WS


The Velvet Hammer
SkiTalk Tester
Nov 1, 2015

Just because two skis share the same waist width doesn't mean that they share the same character. The new rendition of the Rossignol Experience is the perfect genesis of the two previous Experiences. It combines the carving clout of the earlier generation with the friskiness of the more recent version, creating a ski that carves nicely and yet delivers a little playful pop when you want it. The Experience 82 Ti ups the carving experience to a more adventurous level while maintaining the secure edge that you expect.

Then there is the Fischer RC One 82 GT WS. This is a ski with purpose, but it’s not single-minded. While it’s most happy slicing up corduroy and does so with a calm assurance, the Fischer RC One 82 GT is also content to venture into moguls, trees and other varied terrain. But laying tracks on the groomed is where you'll really appreciate the composure that this damp carver brings to the slopes.

  • Why choose the Rossignol Experience 82 Ti W? You spend time on groomers but like a ski with a bit of good-natured wanderlust in its heart.
  • Why choose the Fischer RC One 82 GT WS? You enjoy a damp groomer cruiser with a more serious side but don‘t necessarily want to be confined to the groomers.
  • Insider tip: The Experience 82 Ti comes flat or with a system binding.