2022 Taos Mini-Gathering - January 22 - January 29, 2022

Pat AKA mustski

Skiing the powder
Nov 15, 2015
Big Bear, California
Reservation made! Advance ticket prices for Weds 26th are $74 right now (45% off), which seems like a pretty good price. I might just lock that in also.
That is tempting for sure! If we were staying in TSV, I would go for it. But, since we are staying in Taos, I will wait to the last minute to call it. We really want to visit some local sights and plan to take the Wed off. Last time, my instructor planned video for that day so I bought a ticket.


Putting on skis
Dec 2, 2017
DC area
Advance ticket prices for Weds 26th are $74 right now (45% off), which seems like a pretty good price. I might just lock that in also.
That's what I've done in the past. Seemed like less hassle and a better deal than a buddy pass (25% of full price iirc)


Getting off the lift
Dec 22, 2019
Taos, NM
We really need some snow at Taos! This is the most limited opening in recent years with just Pioneer for opening day and Powderhorn added on the 2nd day. I have not skied Pioneer in 8 years but did today and surprisingly enjoyed my few runs on there!
I have no idea how much lift tickets were before but it is $175 now. I checked with Costco and they don’t have any Taos passes in their system at all and they are not sure if it will pop up later or there won’t be any this year. I will keep checking and report back here before the gathering.
Parking lot shuttles are running and basement lockers/cubbies are back this year. Ticket center has moved to the ice skating rink and Le Ski is also there, tucked into the corner facing Blake’s pool area. Cid’s just opened a few days ago and they have enough food selection for a few days’ stay in the valley, a good wine selection and a hot food to-go bar.
I cut my Thanksgiving weekend short to go home to golf since I don’t think Powderhorn alone is worth staying for 4 days. If they don’t have anything new for the Christmas/New Year break, my husband and I will be heading to Maui for a golf trip instead. I really want to ski but there is no moisture coming our way in the forecast...
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Industry Insider
Nov 24, 2017
The 4-Corners has incredibly inaccurate weather forecasting, due to a total lack of radar.

However we have a local, amateur meteorologist that helps fill the void. The latest forecast is promising.


I will be in Aspen that week. Hit me up if anyone is cruising through Durango on either side of that week and wants to grab lunch or ski Purg.