2023 Dynastar M-Pro 85

SkiTalk Test Team

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SkiTalk Tester
Mar 5, 2017
Size tested: 176
Location tested: Snowbird UT
Conditions tested in: End of the day, worn out chalk

Finally, the narrowest M-Pro is no longer a warmed over Legend and is now, in design, truly part of the new collection. Yes, it is expensive to completely revamp a whole line of skis, which is why I will give Dynastar a pass by bringing the newest and narrowest M/Pro to the market a year late.

It is no secret that Dynastar’s M-Pro with its elongated tips beat to a different drum than other skis in their classes. IMHO, that is a very good thing. The all new 85 is a playful ski, excels off piste for a mid 80 mm ski, and is the crutch in the bumps that many skiers are looking for. The M/Pro does make you feel like a pro with how easy it is to initiate a turn and the solid construction holds you through that turn too.
  • Insider tip: Bypass the system binding for a Pivot or SPX.
  • One thing I would change: I can’t think of anything; Dynastar hit their mark with the M-Pro 85.

Andy Mink
Size tested: 176cm
Location tested: Mammoth Mountain, CA
Conditions tested in: Soft broken up groomers, hard wind compacted chalk

Although the M-Pro 85 holds edge really well on the soft groomers, and quite well on the wind effected chalk, it yearns to be IN snow. It would be at home as a narrow resort shallow powder ski, especially as things start getting cut up. The rocker profile hints that it would make even struggling (i.e., me) skiers shine in the bumps.

The 85 holds surprisingly well on harder snow owing, in part, to the tail that only has a bit of rise at the last couple of inches. Like some of the bigger brothers in the M-Pro line, the 85 has just enough stoutness underfoot to give it grip yet remain playful and ski with a looser feel if desired. While the radius on the 176 is 16m, don't expect to be pulled into turns on harder snow like a carving ski; It is slower than that but still more quick than leisurely.
  • Insider tip: Don't be too concerned about being between lengths. Go up for stability and slashing cut up junk, shorter for bumping and playing.
Who is it for?
The resort skier looking for a fun ski for a multitude of conditions while remaining towards the narrower side of the spectrum. Wannabe mogul skiers unite, here is your ski.
Who is it not for?
Those looking for a tip that pulls you into a turn. No worries, look to the Dynastar’s cousin, the Rossignol Experience 82/86 for that. The all mountain skier looking to spend a significant amount of time in deeper or off-piste snow. The wider M-Pros or M-Frees are more up your alley.
Skier ability
  1. Intermediate
  2. Advanced
Ski category
  1. Frontside
  2. All Mountain
Ski attributes
  1. Groomers
  2. Moguls
  3. Off Piste
  1. Men


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Available sizes
158, 167, 176, 185
Rocker profile
  1. Camber with tip rocker
Size Scaling
  1. Dimensions
Construction design
  1. All new
Binding options
  1. Flat
  2. System


Booting up
Mar 31, 2022
St. Louis, MO
Awesome- I hope these skis get the attention they deserve. I really liked the M-Pro 84 (and bought a pair when they were clearing them out for the arrival of the 85) and I'd love to demo this one.