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2024 4FRNT MSP 107

SkiTalk Test Team

Testing skis so you don't have to.
SkiTalk Tester
Mar 5, 2017
Test Team Note: Even with a slight construction change, we expect the 2024 model to ski on par with the outgoing core. We will update review when we get the new ski.

I really like when I get to review skis in the conditions they were designed to be skied in. 4 feet of Tahoe's best was served up for the 4FRNT MSP 107. We had just skied the narrower MSP 99 and 91, and, like the narrower siblings, the 107 did not disappoint. I did defer to @Drahtguy Kevin, knowing he owned one, if we should add the MSP 107 to our test fleet, and he said," &^% yeah."

We brought in the 107 in a 181, which I will refer to as fun-sized for me, and I can say with confidence that it was the right choice. For a 107, the MSP is playful and nimble but different than the Augment AM108 that I skied later in the day. The 4FRNT skied lighter, yet damper in the crud, yet when I got it on the soft groomers on the way back to the lifts, it carved great and felt much narrower than its published 107 mm in the waist. Even though the MSP 107 has been on the market for five or so years, it feels as fresh as any ski newly produced for this season.

Long term update: When we packed for this month long trip, I needed to have three skis that could cover all of the conditions we would face, I packed the SkiTalk Siderals, Lusti CWR+95 (much to @Andy Mink chagrin) and the 4FRNT MSP 107. And is must say, I chose wisely especially for the day of 4-5" of cold blower over chalky bumps at Monarch.

I will talk more about Monarch in it's own Trip report but wow, the MSP 107 did not dissapoint. I talked many times about the "Steadfast Rule", a ski that I was never out on and thought "This ski made the day", and with the MSP107, it was the perfect ski for the day, and I could not think of another ski that I would have wanted to be on for this particular day.

Even though the 107 has been around for a few seasons, 4FRNT has not try to fix what isn't broken with the design, good on them because the MSP works everywhere you would want and expect a 107 to work even on the groomers back in. In that latter point, I am not a fan of really anything much more than a 100 mm underfoot and the MSP was almost, and I emphasis almost as good as skis much narrow which really says a lot for a ski of this girth.

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Drahtguy Kevin at Steamboat​

Drahtguy Kevin: I’ve been on the 187cm 4FRNT MSP 107 about four seasons now. It is my go-to ski for 4”+ days and soft leftovers. Over my time with the 107 I have come to trust it in any condition. Yesterday (12/13) Steamboat was blessed with 12-20” of fresh, and I was blessed to have the MSP 107. It handled the deep, chop, crud and piles fabulously. It excels as a tree ski as well.

The tip rise is perfect and keeps the ski above the surface most of the time. When not on top the tip‘s strength powers through the snow and tracks exceptionally. The turn initiation and tracking also make the 107 predictable and fun on the runout and soft groomers. Stability underfoot and a strong, yet compliant tail, add to the fun on and off piste. An even flex pattern allows the ski to dance through moguls. The 107 handles speed with grace and elegance. Over my seasons on the MSP 107, I haven’t found any glaring weakness for a ski this wide.
  • Insider tip: A trusted friend is good to have. I have that in the MSP 107. In spades.

Andy Mink: I'm not a wide ski fan boy by any means. For most of the skiing I do mid 80s to low 90s is as wide as I need or want. HOWEVER...When there is a four foot dump all bets are off. The not-quite-champagne, not-quite-cement snow that we received in the Tahoe area was a good test not only for the 107 but me as well. I don't get a lot of deep snow skiing in. Luckily, the 107 was up to the task. In the cut up but still fluffy stuff the big 4FRNT cut through with no problem. In the trees they transitioned from tracked through to untracked super easily. Quick turns were essential and there was no complaining from the 107s. The nice rise in the tip kept the skis up near the top of the snow, my 225# not withstanding.

The widest of the MSP family made me "get" why a wider, fun ski can make deep snow a hoot. Make no mistake, these are not light weight, bouncy skis. They can be run as a charger ski (see @Drahtguy Kevin's review above) but the shape allows for quick turns, slarves, and pivots. On the soft groomers they carved with authority, albeit with a relaxed cadence between turns. Don't get ahead of skis, they will get there. Once they're there, they hold an edge quite well. If I were in the market for a charger that doesn't need to be charged, the 107 would be on a short list.
Who is it for?
Chargers who don't want to charge every turn.
Who is it not for?
Someone looking for a powder specific One-Oh-Something.
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  2. Expert
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  2. Powder
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Available sizes
175, 181, 187
Rocker profile
  1. Camber with tip and tail rocker
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  1. Updated construction
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