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Sponsored 2024 Black Crows Atris Review



Slashing Turns and Prices
SkiTalk Sponsor
Nov 13, 2015

The Black Crows Atris has been a benchmark ski in the playful big-mountain category for a few years now, and thanks to some recent tweaks and a new graphic, the 2024 version of this ski will certainly stand out from its predecessors. For modern freeride skiers looking for that fun-loving ski that doesn’t skimp out on performance, Atris is a sure bet. For 2024, we get the same build and shape as the 2023 ski, but with a more striking and bolder topsheet design. One of the main characteristics that sets Atris apart from other mid-100's is the blend of stability through crud and the playful flotation through the fresh. With a freestyle pedigree, this wide twin has tricks in its bag to be sure, but also excels when attacking the fall line and being an aggressive skier in more technical terrain.​


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