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Sponsored 2024 Black Crows Mirus Cor Review



Slashing Turns and Prices
SkiTalk Sponsor
Nov 13, 2015

Here at SkiEssentials.com, we have a pretty strict philosophy to not assign superlatives to skis. We firmly believe that there’s a best ski out there for you and that same ski is rarely the best option for someone else. In that light, it took literally every ounce of restraint to not call the 2024 Black Crows Mirus Cor our favorite ski of the year. The reality of the situation is that we’re pretty surprised at ourselves for not seeing the benefits of this ski earlier. Some models, like Salomon Stance 96 or Dynastar M-Pro 99 arrive on the scene and we instantly love them. For one reason or another, even when we make videos and review these skis and tout their benefits, that enthusiasm doesn’t quite reach the general public. The Mirus Cor is the antithesis. When we first got on this ski, it took some time to see the attributes as a whole. At first glance, it’s kind of easy to see why we fell into this trap. It’s a creamsicle orange ski with an 87 mm waist, a 13-meter turn radius, nearly symmetrical shape and rocker profile, and a very strange looking lizard-tongue split tail. In our first review, we focused extensively on the uniqueness of this ski, but we still had a hard time identifying the target audience and the bigger picture when it comes to the performance abilities of the Mirus Cor. Hopefully, this review will provide a more insightful glimpse into our experiences from this past season, with clearer and more open eyes on our part.​


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