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2024 Rossignol Experience 82 Ti

SkiTalk Test Team

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Mar 5, 2017

Philpug: So, 82 is the new "insert whatever the latest biggest fad width" here. Every brand seems to be focusing on the 82mm segment -- which is not odd (if it were odd, there would be a lot of 81 or 83mm skis, bah dum dump). Like its wider sibling the 86 Ti, the carryover 82 Ti wants to lay it over yet is not afraid to venture off piste into the junk. With a gradual tip rise with some flair and flared tail, the 82 Ti is one of the more versatile skis on the segment, offering as much power as you would require (but not demand).

Insider tip: If there were a Pivot with a brake that fit, I would say go that way, but there is not, so the SPX 12 is the binding choice to bypass the Konect.
Who is it for?
Those looking for a ski that will do a lot of things very well.
Who is it not for?
The skier who wants Nth-degree performance in any one area.
Skier ability
  1. Intermediate
  2. Advanced
  3. Expert
Ski category
  1. Frontside
  2. All Mountain
Ski attributes
  1. Groomers
  2. Moguls
  3. Trees
  1. Men


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Available sizes
160, 168, 176, 184
Rocker profile
  1. Camber with tip rocker
Size Scaling
  1. None
Construction design
  1. New graphics
  2. Carryover
Binding options
  1. Flat
  2. System

Pat AKA mustski

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Nov 15, 2015
Big Bear, California
I demoed this ski last June at Mammoth and like it enough to buy it ... so my .2.

Size tested: 160
Location tested: Mammoth
Conditions tested in: Typical melt/freeze spring conditions

This ski surprised me because I did not like the Experience 82 Basalt. The Basalt was easy, compliant, did everything I asked, but it lacked fun factor. Not so with the 82 Ti! I tested it in a 160 length, on a spring June day in Mammoth. The conditions began with a solid hardback - dare I say ice! It was deeply rutted from grooming during the previous day’s melt cycle. As the day warmed up, the snow softened and I experienced everything from coral reef, to cream cheese, to corn, to mashed potatoes, to slush. The 82 ti is a solid ski, damp enough to barrel over the grooming ruts and coral reef, without chattering my teeth. I assume this is due to the drive tip solution in the Rossi construction. It turns on a dime and feels like it responds simultaneously with my desire to turn. This ski carves beautifully and has plenty of energy! Even in some heavy, wet, spring piles the shovel was more than enough to push the ski through. Will this become my daily driver? As a western skier, probably not, but It will become my choice when we haven’t had fresh snow for awhile or when conditions are hard and fast. I did buy this ski at the end of the demo and look forward to more time on it.
  • Who is it for: skiers who like to charge on groomers but want something versatile enough to take off piste if the conditions warrant it.​
  • Who is it not for: someone who is learning to carve and wants an easy going ski. Chose the 82 basalt.​
  • Insider tip: Trust this ski and you won't be disappointed.​

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