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Out There
Dec 2, 2015
Well LaGuardia can be hell on earth. Especially now.
Anything moving up or down The Front Range or the short hops in the Colorado Rockies have always been some of the toughest flying in the country. There are so many micro climates and and wind patterns through there it is always a tough call, if a front is moving through all bets are off. Same things that make it good for the gliders make it rough on the airlines.
Worst flight I've ever been on was Riverton, WY to Denver. Seriously thought we were going to go down at some point. No precipitation afaik, it was daytime with decent visibility. We dropped and rose very randomly and violently. Even if you knew you weren't going to crash, it wouldn't have made a good amusement park ride and I like rides.

Either their definition of "on time" is different from mine
I believe Metro-North RR defines "on time" as within 5 minutes 59 seconds. Meanwhile, on the platform, they'll list a train as "Arrived", not "Arriving", when it's not in sight. Could be 2-3 minutes more.

Almost worse was when the buses in Brooklyn would arrive at the stop early - then leave. So running and arriving at the stop on time, you found out you missed the damn thing 20 min later.


So much better than a pro
Nov 12, 2015
Great White North
Fair warning..every time I get in the elevator at work they have updates on major hubs in the US and Canada with regards to delay..the Pain Index or something..Toronto is consistently crap along with O'Hare. I felt I was just biased at my own home airport because it's such a pile, especially with our somewhat overzealous border guards, but apparently it's not just me.. So I apologize in advance for anyone stuck there at some point... :D