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Apr 2, 2018
1st day of Fall. Temp drop of 20+ degrees overnight, the mind drifting towards the ski season and 1 of my favorite things après ski. Looked through this sub forum and it took me several back pages to find anything on this subject. Of course since the time it was being discussed here we have all been through a lot and many changes have taken place so I thought I would open a new thread on it. I'm a social beast, like I said I enjoy a couple of adult beverages after a day on the slopes, like to dance from time to time so add a good band and I can really have a good time. What are peoples favorite places to après in this new world?

I ski in basically 4 different regions. Colorado, Utah, Vermont/New Hampshire and The Pocono's in PA (aka the back yard).

Starting in the back yard and the home bump the Thirsty Camel at Camelback has been a staple for years. After a year of reduced services, things started to bounce back last season and while not the schedule they used to have they brought the bands back. Saturdays late afternoon/early evening have always been a good time there.
The Thirsty Camel @ Camelback PA

Have friends with a place at Killington and make it up there at least 1 weekend a season (many times 2 or 3 X). The Wobbly Barn was completely shut a couple of seasons ago but looked open again last season. Didn't make it on my 1 trip there last year but will try to this year for sure. Another of my favorites here in the east is Loon in New Hampshire. Paul Bunyon Room at the Base Lodge is a good time and if the weather is nice the deck is great. Lincoln NH is IMHO a under rated ski town and Gordi's is another bar I have very much enjoyed. The ski memorabilia in the bar is really cool.
The Wobbly Barn @ Killington
Paul Bunyon Room Deck @ Loon NH

Out in Colorado we enjoy Jack's in Center Village at Copper. Dam Brewery in Dillon has been an enjoyable stop many times and my son has a couple of favorites over in Frisco that he has promised to take me to one of these trips.

The Deck @ Jack's at Center Village in Copper.

Utah is the one place we really don't get out too much. I've hit some of the bars at the ski areas (Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird and Pow Mow) but the only place I went to down in the valley was the Canyon Club by the 7-11 at the bottom of BCC and its now closed and the building taken over by the Lift House Ski Shop. Surprisingly I would say the bar at Pow Mow is probably my favorite out there.

Lots of changes over the past 2 years and would love to hear what others think and like.

Honorable Mention to The Granby Ranch snow bar last March. Loved it.


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Nov 12, 2015
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The deck of the St Bernard at Taos is a favorite. It's gone now, but they are promising to bring back a reasonable facsimile when they rebuild the hotel.

@cosmoliu 's friend Jeff's condo at Snowbird was a local hot spot pre-covid. Everybody who was anybody knows Jeff and they all dropped in.

My problem with real après-ski (vs later evening activities) is that it is usually over by the time I quit skiing.


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Nov 13, 2015
New England
So I'm officially a geezer. When I stop skiing, all I want is a big glass of water and a cup of coffee. Drink a beer or (gasp!) a cocktail, and I'd be an indoor yard sale. And having to listen to some guy with a guitar playing a bad cover of "Brown-Eyed Girl" puts my nerves on edge.
I want peace, quiet, and rest -- not nightlife.

....oh, and by the way: Get off my lawn!