Battery power for my edge grinder

Dave Marshak

All Time World Champion
Nov 17, 2015
I've been using a Swix EVO edge grinder for a couple of years, but the power cord wrangling is the last wasted motion on the whole tuning process. So I decided to power it with a 20v Li-Ion drill battery. I just was going to add a plug to the battery but I found an adapter for the battery. Apparently people use these batteries to power kid's cars. I also added a 5 amp fuse inside the adapter because I don't know if the battery protection will work with the barrel jack connection.


This is what it looks like all assembled:

It works perfectly. The battery isn't too heavy to affect the balance much, and there's no cord to trip over. The tool draws 4 amps, and the battery holds 1.5Ah, so it should last at least 20 minutes, which is enough to do 10 pairs of skis or more. Probably not enough to last the whole season, but more than enough for me.