bike shipping box


Out on the slopes
Dec 20, 2016
near RDU
My wife used to do "Team In Training" cycling events all over the country, and purchased a shipping box to get her bike to the destinations (Tahoe, Tuscon etc). We are moving and no longer need/want the box as those days are long gone. So....if anyone local to me (near the Lehigh Valey area in PA) would like this for free, please contact me ASAP. I need to have this gone by Tuesday night, and I'm willing to drive a bit for someone who can make use of it. It is corrugated plastic (like a cardboard box, but much stronger and waterproof), with straps inside to tie the bike components down. I can ship it, but it won't be cheap, as shipping rates for oversize packages has gone way up lately. As I said, this was used for shipping her bike all over the country and the bike never sustained any damage during shipping (during the rides is another story, unfortunately...)