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eBike Cannondale Habit Neo 2 vs Trek E-Caliber 9.6, Firepower vs MPG


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Nov 1, 2015
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This thread is for the general discussion of the Article Cannondale Habit Neo 2 vs Trek E-Caliber 9.6. Please add to the discussion here.
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Nov 12, 2015
As the owner of the formerly owned by @Tricia CDale Habit Neo 2, I can add a few thoughts on the heavier bike. The Eco mode, in my mind, makes up for the extra weight of the bike plus a little. I try and stay in Eco as much as possible, just for the exercise and battery savings. Tour makes going up almost as fun as going down. EMTB is the computer trying to figure out if you should be in Tour or Turbo. I rarely use that because you can get some surprise power when you really don't want it, like a rocky uphill switch back where you are picking a line. Step on the pedal hard and the computer thinks "Oh, he wants more!" and shoots a dose of Turbo. The front tire can come up and then your line is toast. Turbo is just overkill IMO. It's fun on occasion but it can really get you in trouble, especially on steep, loose stuff. Either spinning the rear, lifting the front, or a bit of both. I use Turbo to get home when I'm on the street.

Since I don't have anything to compare against, I will say I like the stable, planted feel I get from the bike. The steering is not heavy but there's no twitchy, nervous feel to it. The 220mm front and 203 rear discs provide plenty of stopping power, at least at the speeds I ride. I also like the additional travel; at 200#+ with gear and pack, I can come pretty close to bottoming out with 30% sag on the rear shock. Close, but not quite.

There is some motor drag when the power is off; coming down the power steps feel like you're pedaling in syrup. I try and change the power as I'm not pedaling for a little way and it's not as noticeable. I also try and remember to slow the pedal when shifting gears; with the extra help behind you the chain and sprockets can take a shot if shifting under full power. I don't know if shifting under full power hurts anything but being a bit more gentle can't hurt.

A smaller, lighter battery would be nice but at what cost? The power is there to move the extra weight. Overall, I think this bike, or one of the other Habit-class bikes at this mid level spec is a good start for someone like me: new to the game, but able to learn pretty quickly not only about the bike itself but riding it. As I get stronger, both in skill set and body, I may be looking for a lighter, less powerful steed.


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