Charlie Raposo is the first athlete signed to Van Deer


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Jan 29, 2016
They [Red Bull] have ran their own course in Ski Cross. An invitational at the end of the season. Not sure they would get into something similar with alpine, SC alligns more with their ’adventure profile’ (in lack of a better word). Inresting move with Haugen. Legit tech skier but as pointed out, not a up coming.
Re F1 … I really want a ”Ski to Survive” on the alpine circus.
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Nov 12, 2015
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since it is Red Bull money behind all this it does become more interesting. Look how they bought into F1…and this looks like chump change in comparison….

The RedBull, Van Deer “relationship is looking more and more interesting. Toni Giger is now at RedBull. Got it. Running their ski related business. Sort of get it, but it sounds like they must have bigger plans.

THEN, the latest press about his primary focus as the head of “Global Sports” at RedBull being to direct all of Hirschers ski projects and to push the Van Deer brand.

If this is accurate….and I assume it is…’s very, very interesting. I’m “all ears” as this all unfolds. All new to me.

You heard it here first.... ogsmile


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Nov 8, 2016
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So are they leaving because of pay or culture?
It's both. First of all these jobs are not all that well paid as someone might think, and with OSV it's even worse, because instead of money you get "honor to work for/with the best" so salaries can be worse. Expectations and all the shit you get when things go wrong are way higher then anywhere else in the world, which is not really big plus either. When things go right, servicemen are never noticed anyway.
But there's another thing which makes this transfers more difficult. Once you change job, you basically make it very vey hard to find new one, as in this business noone wants people who are changing jobs. It's not really rocket science thing, but many take it like it is, and with serviceman changing job, he takes all those rocket science secrets to competition. When he did it once, he will do it second time too, so companies (or teams) don't really like such guys.


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