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Corvus VS Mindbender 108ti, Mantra 102, Wrenegade 102ti

Corvus VS Mindbender 108ti, Mantra 102, Wrenegade 102ti

  • Black Crows Corvus

  • K2 Mindbender 108ti

  • Volkl Mantra 102

  • ON3P Wrenegade 102ti

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Tom K.

Skier Ordinaire
SkiTalk Supporter
Dec 20, 2015
If you love the Enforcer 88, the Mindbender 108s will "pair" nicely with them. I own both, and @Bandit Man pretty much nails it up above. It's a rare totally directional ski with two full layers of metal that is only a semi-charger. Fun at all speeds shy of mach looney!


Making fresh tracks
Jan 18, 2020
on snow
Nice collection - I had the Volkl Deacon Lowride for a day and loved them (until stolen at the base of Squaw Valley - err, Palisades) but they were excellent frontside carvers at 215 pounds.

I like your comment about people often selling the Corvus with just a few days on them. I also have the Corvus in a 183 and go back and forth in liking them and being ready to trade them out. I find the Corvus very directional -- wanting to go faster and straighter than I want -- but they have also performed well in steep, narrow, tight, powder-filled moguls. I have them set up with Shift bindings for occasional backcountry. So, appreciation for the Corvus does not just seem to vary by person, but for me, day by day. ;-)
thats a buddys pair actually, I'm on my 4th pair, GF on her 2nd :)