Glove Recommendations?


Getting on the lift
Mar 19, 2022
So here in April at Killington were you using mitts on the warm day?
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An Alti mitt there ^ would be too warm, though you can take the inner liner out and the outer is still insulated. Bottom was too warm for gloves at all.

You like gauntlet or cuff?
Definitely mitts. Gordini leather and down.
See avatar photo. Wearing them there too. That day was single digits (Fahrenheit) at Bretton Woods.
I'm a simple skier . . . one pair of gloves (I have old Grandoe leather and down pair as backup) one pair of skis. And definitely no messing with liners.
I do recall taking the gloves off at the base while we watched the Mogul Challenge, and on the lift.
No leashes either . . . living dangerously.
I'd been eyeing Hestras as my next pair of mitts, maybe venture into the 3 finger mitt/glove hybrid. But the Flylow deal was too good to pass up.
And gauntlet, always.