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Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
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@Superbman asked for this one, and even though I really like both of these skis, is this really a viable Cage Match? The whole premise of the Cage Matches is that they are usually between two skis that are commonly compared; at first I thought these two would not be on the same radar, but the more I mulled it over, they really could be -- which says a lot about how good the V82 is. Not until next year would 70 out of 100 skiers put Liberty and Head in the same comparison. (I say "next year" because we are leading the way.)

Let's start with the old man, the leader in the clubhouse, the Head Monster 83. Well, this is the new Monster 83 --same name, same colors but a new shape and a new flex. Dare I say it's younger and more playful? Yes, I will say it. The new Monster 83 has a youthful feel and will actually crack a smile. The outgoing Monster was a bit stiffer and very serious; you could tell a "horse walks into a bar” joke and not even get a “heh” out of it. But in the same breath, if you took it onto some boilerplate, the Monster 83 was unfazed there, too.

I have been doing a bit too much cutting and pasting with the new Liberty VMT skis, saying the same thing over and over on why we started to get on them ... yadda yadda yadda … but in reality, that doesn’t mean anything and has no relevance as to how they ski. So why is the V82 worthy of being put into the ring with one of the reference skis in the class? Because Liberty is making a damn good ski. Where the VMT does differ from the traditional Monster in overall shape, the elongated tip design with a sidecut that runs past the running surface allows you to start whatever turn shape you want. The tail is flared nicely yet not squared off, so it not only finishes a turn but completes it. The vertical metal struts sandwiched in between the bamboo and poplar aren’t just marketing gimmicks.
  • Why choose the Monster 83? You are a traditionalist. You know what works, and you stick with what works. Ain't nuthin' wrong with that.
  • Why choose the VMT V82? You realize there is a whole new world out there, and these smaller companies are making more than big skis. Not only are their customers getting older and their needs are changing, so are the designers and so are their interests. You can capitalize from the changes.
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Nov 8, 2015
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I loved both ski's. The VMT is superb and those who think the Laser AX is too much $, they should look at the VMT if its frontside use in mind (the Laser AX is far more versatile) . The 83 for 2019 however, is a different Monster. While still an excellent frontside ski, it has certainly gained off-piste and bump chops and that's where I think the Liberty and the Head part ways. for a 80% frontside ski I might take the Liberty; smooth, high performance and precise but I would take the Monster for more bumps and off piste general skiing.

Now how about the Monster 83 vs the Rossi 84? Dont overlook the new Rossi folks.

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Nov 12, 2015
I haven't been on any of the Monsters (WHAT? YOU HEATHEN!) but have skied the Liberty. What a nice ride on the groomers! Super turns, not locked into one or two shape, just easy and solid. Looking forward to getting on it again at a demo this year.