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Non Region Specific Kids-friendly Ikon resort in the West in early April


Waxing my skis and praying for snow
Jan 7, 2018
if the cost is now 4x what it was 4 years ago that's a 300% increase

#math #irrelevant
My apologies, let me revert to more scientific terms ... in now costs a butt load to ski there :roflmao:

Joking aside we used to book rooms in the Huntley Lodge for around $150/night during the summer early booking sale ... and then BigSky stopped having that sale. Even with discounts we are looking at $600+ and night and that is not during peak dates either. Last year when we looked at booking it over president's day long weekend rooms started at $800+ a night. So while we do love skiing there, the cost is hard to justify when there are so many other great places we can ski for a fraction the cost.


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