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Out on the slopes
May 3, 2017
Marshall Mountain, a former ski area just a few miles from downtown Missoula, is under contract to be sold. The 156-acre property features a lodge and has been recently used for mountain biking, backcountry skiing, races and events. It's not clear who the new owner is and whether they'll still allow the public to use the land. The property was listed for $2.15 million. Dawn Maddux of Engel & Volkers in Missoula said she can't disclose the buyer due to Montana law.
Looks like the city of Missoula is going to acquire the property. The HCN article makes it sound like they'll probably tear down the chairlift, but are looking at putting in new beginner skiing. https://www.hcn.org/issues/55.2/nor...st-access-to-their-beloved-community-ski-hill


Getting off the lift
Jan 31, 2023
SE Michigan, USA
Well there's another rabbit hole I've gone down since deciding I wanted to start skiiing again. I'm not sur eho wmuch time I jst spent lookign through this stuff.

I grew up in Miinnesota but moved away about 30 years ago. Looking over the list of closed areas brought back memories, I had forgotten about a lot of the areas and could swear I never head of a lot of them.

Cedar hills was the closest to my house, it was a regular stop. Afton Alps, Highland Hills, and Buck Hill were all common stops too. Wild Mountain and Spirit Mountain were less common but I'm pretty usre we went to both - Wild Mountain for sure.

I had completely forgotten about Quadna and Sugar Hills. I'm not sure I ever skied either one - I seem to rcall a planned trip to Quadna that got cancelled due to weather.

One of my earliest ski memories is going to Afton Alps with my dad and one of his friends. Back to the VW bus for lunch (Tuna sandwhiches and hot chocolate) and then my dad helped lace up my boots forme. NO idea why I recall that... a lot of my ski history has been forgotten. I recall the areas but no specific memories of them.


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