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Oct 17, 2022
Hello, I love my 21/22 QST 106's but would like something a little quicker/more playful/more balanced in the air while retaining the stability and looser/surfy ability of the QST 106. Trees, steeps, chop, soft bumps and resort pow are what I ski most and prefer skis that have better float than you might think. Carving performance is a bonus but not a requirement, only that the ski isn't a rodeo ride when things firm up or get choppy. The QST does an admirable job here for not having metal.

I've narrowed it down to a few skis but am unable to demo some options so looking for input when comparing them to each other.

2023 QST 106 - demo'd and are an option but not exactly the changes I hoped for.

Black Crows Atris 105 - Don't know much about Black Crows skis, nobody sells the Atris around here but seems like a really good option on paper. I am very curious about this ski and how it compares to the QST 106's.

Blade Optic 104 - A solid option but heavier than I'd like and not sure how quick or how much work they are in the trees.

Appreciate any insight, thanks.

John O

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Nov 21, 2015
Seattle, WA
Correct me if I'm wrong here, but it sounds a little like you're searching for a unicorn. You want a ski that does the things your current skis do well, but the things your current ski don't do well, it should do better. So, basically, do everything well?

Skis don't work that way. You know it and I know it, but neither of us want to accept it. We're always looking for that one ski that magically does it all. There's a reason neither of us have found it yet.

My actual opinion in regards to your question? Figure out how to demo, or cross them off your list, or be willing to sell them if they don't work. I've demo'd enough skis over the years that I expected to like or dislike based on everything I'd read online, and was wrong about, to learn that there's truly no substitute for demo'ing. And if you simply can't demo, you have to hope for the best and have a plan B in your pocket.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't mean to be dismissive of your question but it's just so hard, people are so different and skis are so different. Even if someone chimes in who's skied 2 of your three choices, then you have to consider them vs. you and wonder how applicable it is.
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