Nordica Enforcer 88s vs. 94s

Tom K.

Dec 20, 2015
I've posted this video multiple times. I have the sneakin' suspicion you haven't seen it.

Had seen it previously, but watched it again.

Luckily, the snow I ski "gives" a lot more than that plank!

Very illustrative, nonetheless.


Getting on the lift
Feb 3, 2016
Carlsbad and Park City
Just spent a couple days on the Enforcer 94 in Park City... :)

More stable, more damp and exactly what I was looking for with regards to the DPS Foundation Cassiar 94...felt just as playful and forgiving and the added weight was not noticed...
I picked up a pair of Enforcer 94s to complement my 104 Frees...I have to say that I really liked them. The 104s are so good in fresh snow and even fairly deepish snow but as things firm up its a lot of ski to push around get up on takes more work. I was looking for something that works better in lower snow for big mtns (Mammoth, UT and Jackson Hole) for times when there isn't a ton of new snow. After skiing them in very spring-like conditions, I'm impressed. They are, obviously, significantly quicker edge-to-edge than the 104s but I thought they also handled variable conditions extremely well. Spring skiing at Mammoth can mean rock-solid refrozen crud and groomers in the AM and moves through the melt cycle during the day and ends with pure slush at the bottom. The quality of the snow changes rapidly from top to the bottom of the mtn and they are just very confidence inspiring regardless of what the conditions are like. I found them easy to maneuver in soft bumps and really a fun ski for those types of conditions.