OLIN COMP IV Successor?

Bill Talbot

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Nov 9, 2015
New England
It occurred to me the other day that this ski was the heir apparent to the very capable Olin Comp IV. It came out roughly ten years after the Comp IV which followed the infamous Orange Olin IV.

The ski in question is the Ohlin Extreme Comp, the 'Ultimate Bump Ski'. I believe it appeared in 1988.
olin extreme comp Ultimate Bump Ski.jpg

Here's the tale of the tape;
IV, 83-68-77
COMP, 88-70-79
EXTREME, 88-67-76

I think I'll have to do some back to back testing this upcoming season. Of the three I am most familiar with the COMP IV. Never skied the COMP and EXTREME back to back. So I'll have a nice Olin testing night to look forward to!

Ohlin IV and Comp.jpg

olin extreme comp2.JPG

Olin Extreme Comp tails.jpg

Anyone have any thoughts about this?


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Dec 22, 2015
Your progression of the IV to the IV Comp, and the Extreme Comp does make good sense because a manufacturer needs to give the consumer a reason purchase new product in a given performance slot. Of the three skis I have only skied the original IV and that seemed like a solid ski. Unfortunately I put the wrong binding (Burt Bindings) on them that made them very heavy. That didn't give me a great feeling for the ski, I sold the bindings first and never remounted the ski before I sold them. What would make a interesting comparison is what is the difference in the construction of the three skis. My guess would be the addition of metal to the construction of the newer models. If any information on the three constructions is available this thread would be a good place to do the comparison. Thanks