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OpenSnow is hiring a software engineer


I run TheSkiDiva.com and work at OpenSnow.
Ski Diva Tester
Nov 8, 2015
Boulder, CO
Not quite your normal PugSki thread but I thought this might be a great fit for someone on here:

Their tech team is currently pretty small (the only web engineer currently is the co-founder Andrew, and other than that there's one mobile guy who does both iOS and Android), and fully remote and quite flexible as far as I know. Everyone I've met on the team is lovely and you'd undoubtedly play a role in shaping the products. If you're the kind of person that prioritizes a sweet lifestyle and working on a product you love this could be a really nice gig.

Happy to answer more general questions if I know the answers (I've never worked for OpenSnow, but do know the co-founders and have helped them out a little bit in the past), or just intro you to the team if you're interested!


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