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Nov 20, 2020

RaceWax Wide Ski Rotobrush Kit SnapOut Quick-Change Axle + 3 Brushes
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RaceWax ski rotobrush 150 mm with detachable axle and safety shield/hood. For 150 mm roto brushes. Large ergonomic grip. Hexagon shaft rolls smoothly on sealed bearings.
  • Changing brushes is literally a snap. Instead of loosening the drill chuck each time you need to change a brush, simply pull the axle from the handle, slide brushes off/on and snap it back in.
  • The hexagonal axle is compatible with all RaceWax, SKS, Swix and Toko rotobrushes (useful in that you could put a 100 mm brush from those manufacturers on our axle).
  • RaceWax brass ski rotobrush. 150 mm. Use the brass brush for before-wax base cleaning or for very hard waxes. Use in a tail-to-tip direction for base structure renewal and pore opening for better wax absorption.
  • RaceWax white nylon ski rotobrush. 150 mm. Use before horsehair brush finish.
  • RaceWax horsehair ski rotobrush. 150 mm. Use after the nylon brush for a final finish.
  • See Product Use tab or Tuning Tips section for instructions.
  • Do NOT buy this kit for snowboard use. You need 300 mm brushes for a snowboard.
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