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Ski Racing Endangered Letter - Well that didn't last long


Nov 17, 2015
Behavioral sink
That seems like way too broad a generalization, trying to tie Rubiales and his behavior to ALL similar federations, as though that's a natural outcome. I know there are several very bad apples, but there are a lot of these types of federations too.

And even if we assume that federations ARE bad, I am also completely prepared to believe that athletes don't have a good grasp on the interwoven contracts and backroom deals that go into making a complete season.


Out There
Dec 2, 2015
Of course they’re not all like that. He was the head though so the rest had to put up with his garbage. The only reason he’s gone is he embarrassed Spain so badly and the story was huge. Had they not won, he’d probably still be there supporting the coach no player wanted. As it was, that coach turned on him to save himself.

How about Ted Ligety’s view?

From 2011-

…FIS’s tyranny has gone on long enough. It seems FIS is going out of their way to ruin the sport. FIS runs a dictatorship. They demand absolute control then try to butter their will in a fake cloak of benevolence. Athletes, SRS (Association of Ski Racing Suppliers and NGBs (national governing bodies) are completely impotent in their ability to create positive change in our sport or to stand against rules FIS imposes.

I feel like I might be beating a dead horse on this subject but it is paramount for the future on ski racing….

…One would think there would be some discourse to combat these atrocities but there is not at this point. Apparently Bill Marolt; the President of USSA and Vice President of FIS doesn’t even have the ability to bring these subjects up for discussion, let alone reversed or revised. The athletes to this point have had zero representation in the decisions FIS makes. When we hear of FIS’s decisions and we disagree we are ignored as shown in Soelden. Faceless committees make these decisions, and once the mandates are passed down their ego doesn’t allow them to admit wrong and reverse rules that are so obviously wrong. Unfortunately for alpine ski racing FIS monopolizes the sport so any and all changes will be hard fought or take FIS vastly rethinking their position in how the sport processes or more likely regresses. Perhaps it’s time to unionize the athletes or start an alternative tour. (An athlete union is now developing but it remains to be seen how effective it will be.) This should serve as warning for sports like freeride skiing and snowboarding, don’t let FIS monopolize your sport. FIS will bleed your sport dry of what has made it so cool.

Ted Ligety



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