While we are on the subject of food...Post your meat on the bone


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Feb 15, 2016
New Jersey
Ok, so I see others did thread drift of meat cut off the bone including Phil, so here I go. Here is how I like to cook duck and dove. Cut off the bone. :ogbiggrin:

Mallard is the best, just your bigger piece of meat, and just to me the best. I fillet off the bone, but leave the skin, skin/fat add incredible flavor.. I like to pepper them up, age a week in tupperware, giving them a flip ones a day and not letting it soak too much in juice, but not letting it dry out either...

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Add salt befor cooking, then cook them like filet mignon skin down first on caste iron.

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Whatever you do, do not over cook...
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Darn that looks good. 150 ducks a season?? Is there a limit?


Feb 8, 2020
Darn that looks good. 150 ducks a season?? Is there a limit?
There is a daily limit of 6 ducks per gun per day in Texas and OK where I hunt. There is not a limit per season. Did not get to duck hunt much last season because of shoulder injury, but below is my log for pervious season. As can be seen 142 ducks for the season, 33 days I hunted. I normally hunt solo, but occationally I take a friend or 2, 1.6 guns per hunt on average, 2.7 ducks per hunt per gun. So on average, me and my group average about a half a limit per hunt. Top 5 ducks are may favorit most tasty ducks (Mallard, Green Wing Teal, Wood Duck, Pintail, and Blue Wing Teal). Ringers (Ring Neck) are not very taste, I pass on them, but sometimes my hunting guests shoot them, I normally feed them to my dog, dogs gotta eat too!

2019-2020 Hunting Season.JPG

One of my only duck hunts last season, it was early teal season before my shoulder injury..