Yikes! Masters Ski Racing is Expensive--inexpensive wax source requested


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Jan 27, 2020
New York, NY
I have decided that I am going to take racing seriously as a Southerner who first skied at 14, did first serious gate training at 55 or so. Am 59 now.

I figure there is value in finding some impossible hill-to-climb and have at it just to keep fit and focused.

Seriously means:
  • I intend to attend northeast slalom races regularly and 'get points' and so on. ??$1,000 with fees/tickets/travel for 7 or so races?
  • Train for real. https://www.nysef.org/ (New York State racing org) offers 3 days a week of training for $2300 at any of Belleayre, Gore or Whiteface for ADULTS! Includes a pass. I have done this before and it is a great deal and the best way I know of to get better.
  • Do spot camps like Lisa Ballard's efforts (https://www.lisaballardoutdoors.com/racecamps.html) $500 or so.
I am not buying much in the way of gear but what I am getting also hurts--already have FIS SL skis, boots, race liners, shin/pole guards...
  • Razr Tune $750
  • Fresh helmet on sale $125--broke the last one
  • Cut proof undies $99 on sale
  • POC armored jacket and panties $450
  • Alternate bindings to try: $680 (Fancy French telemark bindings)
  • Not planning on getting more skis but I should....Just have
    • Men's Blizzard SL FIS RD brutes that are fresh and good
    • Women's Volkl FIS SLs that are pretty tired
I will be sub $10,000 overall but if I had to get skis/boots/poles etc I don't think I would be.

So I have decided that my major cost savings will be wax....;)

Anyone got a line on decent enough/cheap ski wax? Bulk/cheap but decent is what I am looking for. If I can dodge another $200 I'd be grateful.



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Nov 12, 2015
North Lake Tahoe, NV
Just go with Holmenkol. Alpha/beta/Ultra (yellow/red/blue). get a 180g bar of each and that should do you the season. Or if you want to be really cheap, just get Beta. And, especially since you are just skiing slalom, wax is not going to make a huge difference, edges (and training with good coaching!!!) are more important. But with holmenkol, it is more consistent and reliable than some of the no name/bulk waxes . As always, brush well, especially if you are using a slip ski and a race ski, your race ski has only got to make 2 runs.


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Nov 12, 2015
If you are looking for inexpensive bulk wax rather than magic dust. Check ebay for name brand bulk wax.

Up state NY can be cold like VT. I would lean towards something similar to a CH6 rather than CH8 for a good part of the season.

This Wintersteiger bulk wax is about as cheap as you can get. A stick goes a long way.

Paul Lutes

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Jun 6, 2016
Serious respect for your motivation/dedication.

And a smidgin of jealousy!


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Mar 10, 2017
If you're racing masters, then presumably you have a USSA license, which means you can sign up for Expertvoice, which is a PITA but gives you access to Swix wax for 35% off. Buy the 180g bars of PS6 and PS7, and for slalom races in NY you're covered 95% of the time. That will run you $52 plus shipping. To reduce how much wax you use, crayon on followed by a few light drips, and use fiberlene under your iron--that cuts down on waste and time scrapping by a lot. Should easily get you through the season. Alternatively, support a local shop that carries the big bars and spend $40 per. Or just be lucky and win a box of wax in the inevitable after-race raffle.