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  1. Mattadvproject

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) 2023 Chile Trip Report from Nevados de Chillan

    Hola amigos! Time for the summertime trip report from Chile. This time, I have decided to write the report after the trips have finished as I was just too busy to write a daily blog each day during my time. I'm still in Chile as I got stuck in Santiago after missing my flight back to...
  2. Mattadvproject

    The Adventure Project - new website launch

    Today marks the start of an new era for my business, The Adventure Project. Finally our new website is up and running at https://www.theadventureproject.net/. This has been about 6 months of work by Julie Appleford and myself and I'm proud of what we have achieved. If you have a moment, then...
  3. Mattadvproject

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) Chile 2019 Trip Report - Nevados de Chillan

    Hola amigos, Freshly back from NZ (and still jet-lagged, I think I feel worse after the return leg, rather than the outward leg? Just something I've noticed over the years), but it's time to head back down south and back to Chile, with 4 weeks skiing at Nevados de Chillan. This will be summer...
  4. Mattadvproject

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) Upcoming 2019 Trip Reports - Tohoku, Gulmarg, Georgia, New Zealand and Chile

    G'day Pugs, Hope all is well and everyone had a wonderful holiday period. All is well here in lovely Denver. This is just a quick update to let everyone know what the schedule is for the upcoming season of exotic adventures with The Adventure Project. We have a lot of new and exciting...
  5. Mattadvproject

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) Chile 2018 Trip Report - LIVE from the Andes

    Well, LIVE-ish or as live as I can make it! Currently I'm live, but who knows how long that will last for..... So, it's happening again; it's time to escape the heat and head down south to Chile for second winter. Yay second winter! Time for our annual blog to Chile and the documenting of our...
  6. Tricia

    Pro Freeskier caught in avalanche in Chile

    Pro Freeskier Matilda Rapaport is *reported* in a coma after a July 14th avalanche. Snowbrains report Chile has had an incredible snow year, which has to be leaving the avalanche danger at an all time high.