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  • 2021 Nordica Enforcer 100
    I was originally interested in the K2 Mindbender but was convinced to try this ski today and was blown away. We haven't had new snow here in a...
  • 2022 Völkl M6 Mantra and Secret 96
    I don't know what generation my Mantras are, they're from the '07/'08 season. Not an easy cruising ski, somebody once described this to me as a...
  • 2021 Nordica HF110
    Power strap. @Philpug's brain goes faster than his keystrokes sometimes. :ogbiggrin:
  • 2021 Nordica HF110
    I am interested in picking up a pair of these but I am also an aging racer so am interested in learning ....what is a "powers tap"? When might...
  • 2021 Nordica HF110
    I am excited for the HF120 Pro...basically the 110 plus a powers tap. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having a pair of these in my boot quiver.

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