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k2 mindbender

  1. ATS446

    Corvus VS Mindbender 108ti, Mantra 102, Wrenegade 102ti

    Hey friends, I’m in the market for new skis, but stuck on a decision. Hoping for some advice… Background: I’m 35, 6ft, 180lbs+ Lower level advanced skier. I like to go as fast/aggressive as my skills allow and I often push boundaries into new terrain. (I try to ski it all). I’ll ski 60+ days...
  2. mikes781

    Help Rounding out East Coast Quiver

    I came back to skiing after a long break a little over 2 years ago. My daily driver has primarily been 182 cm Stockli Laser AX’s. Most of my skiing is in PA with a couple of trips north. I also have have180 cm Rustler 9’s that have mainly been sitting in the rack since I got the Stockli’s...
  3. Hankj

    Point a 52 year old snowboarder toward next set of all mountain skis please!

    I need new skis. Snowboarded regularly (some 50 day seasons) from 1983 until end of last season, high competence but not a full on killer. Tore a hamstring and discovered that skiing didn't hurt it, so started skiing in April last year. I've skied 12 days now. Last day was at Red Mountain BC...
  4. B

    Advice on new K2 Mindbender tips chipping/deteriorating

    Hi all, Hope this post is in the right place - first time poster here but have lurked around the forums for awhile I bought new K2 Mindbender TI 90s (mostly ski east coast) about 2 months ago and have skiied them about 13 days total. The tips have started to chip quite a bit and I am pretty...
  5. Erik Timmerman

    Time for 2021 already? (A sneak look into next years gear)

    Just saw a video on Facebook about the 2021 Nordica Enforcer line. I searched on Youtube to post here, but no dice. It's just a short teaser video, but if you want to know more, check Nordica's Facebook.
  6. Ron

    Have you started your 2020 Ski Gear Purchases yet?

    I'll kick this one off, Yes, I picked up a lovely pair of Renoun Citadels from @Philpug. I picked up a pair of pants and goggles in June. II have a new Pair of K2 Mindbender 130 Boots planned too. need to decide on ski's: I want too many :). Black Ops 98, Liberty Evol 100 and Augment 88's...
  7. A

    K2 Mindbender 122?!?!?

    188F9E17-DC47-4EE0-A9E9-5B2472A59A01 by Adamjh posted Apr 16, 2019 at 2:56 PM ????????
  8. Ratbastrd

    All Mountain ski advice

    Looking for advice on an All Mountain ski. About me: I'm 53, 6-1", 210lbs. Ski predominately in the Sierras. I grew up skiing at squaw (back when the skating rink was in the parking lot). I'm an L3+, that has unfortunately suffered a couple serious leg injuries that have slowed me down a...
  9. T

    K2 MindBender Boots

    Anyone have any info?
  10. B

    Benchmark products

    OK, this is a post of pure ski gear geekiness, to tickle the mind, and pass the time. What current season products set a true benchmark for quality and intended purpose, or introduce technology with the potential to change the industry. Some examples to set the tone: Renoun skis--truly...
  11. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored 2020 K2 Mindbender 108Ti Review

    @Philpug and @Tricia went live today with some info on the Mindbender 99Ti, and we've got a full review of the 108Ti for you! Pretty exciting new collection from K2, we're excited to continue to ski and test them throughout the season.