rossignol hero elite plus ti

  1. DocGKR

    Comparison Review A Tale of Two Racer-ish Skis

    As mentioned previously, after a 30+ year gap, this past ski season I attempted to re-learn how to ski narrower, racing type skis. While I eventually progressed to trying real FIS race skis (Thanks ScotsSkier!), at the start of the season I wasn’t sure if I could handle such beasts, so I picked...
  2. FairToMiddlin

    Comparison Review A Layman's Look at 2019 Skis from SIA Copper

    While looking toward SIA this year, many of us had a feeling of impending doom, thanks to an uncooperative gulfstream (or whatever was keeping snow away from Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico…). Would we be able to do justice to any review of wider, off-piste skis? Pleeeeease? Yes, just. Copper...
  3. Kbat117

    What to demo?

    This Saturday at snowbasin is there annual demo day and I will be attending. Im not looking for anything in particular but it's always fun to demo. So what are some notable skis I should take a look at on Saturday. I don't know what brands will be there but I would love a general list of skis...
  4. SkiTalk Test Team

    2019 Rossignol

    Rossignol Hero Elite ST Ti Dimensions: 122-68-104 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 157, 162, 167, 172 Size tested: 172 Design: New Construction Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti Dimensions: 119-71-101 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 167, 172, 177, 182 Size tested: 177 Design: New Construction Philpug: Well yes...