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summer skiing snow conditions

  1. Mattadvproject

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) 2023 Chile Trip Report from Nevados de Chillan

    Hola amigos! Time for the summertime trip report from Chile. This time, I have decided to write the report after the trips have finished as I was just too busy to write a daily blog each day during my time. I'm still in Chile as I got stuck in Santiago after missing my flight back to...
  2. asolo

    Where to ski in June, July, August

    Is Beartooth Basin (next to Yellowstone) any good? How is Timberline (Mt.Hood) this year with apparently low snowpack? I assume it has to freeze overnight (a function of clear skies) for the hardpack skiing conditions to form. Early July? Is Bariloche worth a $1500 plane ticket?