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sundance ski area

  1. Sundance Mountain Resort, A Study in Contrasts

    Trip Report: Sundance Mountain Resort, A Study in Contrasts

    by Jim Kenney and David Chaus On Wednesday March 1, 2023 I skied Sundance Mountain Resort for the first time ever. How do you write objectively about your first day at a ski area when it also happens to be one of the best powder days of your life? I want to use the word unfreakingbelievable to...
  2. Started at 53

    Utah Utah Resorts, Weather, Conditions, and Stoke ‘19-‘20

  3. speedster

    Utah Tips for first-timers in Utah/SLC?

    We're visiting SLC for the week heading into the MLK weekend. Any tips for us first-timers out there? Best ski areas to ski in, best rental shops for good/cheap demos, what skis to bring -- wide, easy flexing skis because there will be lots of soft snow on-piste in Jan or regular carving skis...
  4. Core2

    Battle - Mega Resorts vs. Ski Areas

    It seems like we all either go one way or the other. Some prefer the smaller hills with unique local vibes and others prefer the mega resorts with awesome amenities. I've been to quite a few mega resorts and while I always had fun, they all left me feeling like something was missing. At smaller...