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sven coomer

  1. E

    Weird feet and need advice

    Hey guys. Thank you all for contributing so far. Has been super helpful in understanding why I never seem to be able to get a good boot fit. Really need some help now though. I am in the market for a total change in boot/liner system and are determined to get it right this time. I have weird...
  2. Wade

    Repairing ZipFit liners

    I have almost 5 seasons in my Zipfits. They still ski great, and remain the best money I’ve spent on my skiing. They're currently in my Salomon XMax boots, and the process of putting the ZipFits into and taking them out of the boots every time I ski has taken a toll on the liners. I’ve been...
  3. S

    Bootfitter in Summit County Colorado?

    I’m in need of new boots. My current pair worked well enough, albeit not quite perfect. But the liner is beyond packed out. I can almost feel the shape of the outer shell. (I got it in Killington. Then a critical readjustment was done in Snowmass. Unfortunately, when I went to Aspen again, it...
  4. R

    ZipFit Gara vs. Intuition?

    Curious what the masses here think about Zipfit versus Intuition? Would eventually like to put some in my Raptors. Don't really have a goal for doing so (ie warmer, softer, etc). Thoughts?
  5. surfandski

    Easy way to remove and add Zipfit OMfit material

    Due to a recent ankle fusion, I have a huge difference in the circumference between my ankles. When I bought Zipfits I went for the Grand Prix with the highest amount of OMfit material and that is perfect on my healthy ankle but way too much on my bad one. I tried to harvest OMfit by heating...
  6. S

    Which model Zipfit?

    I am looking for some general guidance regarding Zipfit liners. I have a very normal, average foot with no issues. I have two pairs of boots that I ski-Lange RX and RS130’s. The RX have a Bootdoc World Cup liner that is packing out after a couple of years. The RS 130 still have the stock liner...
  7. surfandski

    Stiffening Lange RS 130 boots...Zipfit liners, etc

    Not to repeat myself too much, I'm going into next season experimenting on a newly fused ankle so I will likely go down two (or more) paths to experiment with what will be the best boot for my situation. One will likely be trying out a 3 piece design and one will be trying to make my current RS...
  8. ScottL

    New boot costs

    Am considering new boots. In a recent conversation with a friend, we left a few questions unanswered. 1. Is there a standard for boot pricing? Full retail? Something less? Depends on what type of boot? Ie; Race or consumer boot 2. What about fitting? Should you expect that to be part...
  9. nemesis256

    Got new boots, forward lean and zipfit questions

    I just had my first day on new boots and am gradually getting used to them. They're dalbello drs 110, old boots are lange rx 80 W LV. The forward lean between the two is very different. From what I can tell new boots are 18 degrees old are 12. On groomers it felt fine, but the forward lean was...
  10. Dave Petersen

    Daleboot OR traditional boot with Zipfit liner / punch for 6th toe.

    Here are my last 3 pair of ski boots. My current Langes have around 200 days on them so I think it is time to replace. What are some good options for me? I have a really narrow foot so Langes work well for me, but I am open to other brands. My current footbed is from Surefoot.
  11. LKLA

    Heated Boot Bag

    Has anyone bought one of those heated boot bags - would welcome to hear your experience. I would like to get one that has a battery - that will heat the boots for an hour or two once unplugged. Thnx
  12. SKI-3PO


    Yesterday I got myself some Zipfit liners (Gara model). My current shells/liners have well over 100 days on them now at this point. After in injury in them 2 season ago and last season where I really noticed that the liners seemed packed out, I figured I had to do something. I've never been in...