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  1. R

    Hanson Exhibition ski boots

    I am interested in anyone who might have a pair of vintage Hanson Exhibition, Avanti, or Riva Soft ski boots for sale (childhood memories)? I am amazed at never seeing an image of a pair outside of a magazine let alone seeing a pair on sale. The earliest model I've seen on eBay is a Citation...
  2. Noodler

    Heritage of current boot brands

    I was trying to remember the "line of succession" when it comes to the boot brands we know today. What happened to the San Marco and Caber boots of yesteryear? I seem to remember that a few of these brands were scooped up by the larger ski/binding manufacturers when we were in the era of the...
  3. Philpug

    New and Improved Heritage and Equipment Retrospect Section

    https://www.pugski.com/forums/#heritage-and-equipment-retrospect.101 @Dave Petersen and @Dwight put a ton of work in creating the page, images, and links. Our resident historians @Bill Talbot, @Joal and @Doug Briggs also helped with some guidance. Just click on "Retrospect and Ski Industry by...
  4. Goose

    Would There Still be a Market for Rear Entry Boots

    I thought to put this in the general ski section since the Boot thread section seems to be much more specifically about fittings, latest models, etc. I thought this more of a general skiing topic. But any Mod please move if you feel its not appropriate. I did search the forums for such a topic...
  5. Philpug

    Most Innovative Brands?

    Yes, we have talked about the most influential ski models but what are the most innovative brands? Salomon with the introduction of the S727, The Monocoque ski? Power Rating ski sizing and volume sizing boots? Volant with the stainless steel design, Shane McConkey's Spatula, The Chubb and G-Max...
  6. Dave Petersen

    All Things Hanson

    All Things Hanson Hanson Ski Boots and Skis 1976
  7. Bill Talbot

    RETRO buy/sell/trade

    PSA, 1984 Völkl Weltcup Renntiger-R Skis, 205 cm. NOS, undrilled. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1984-Völkl-Weltcup-Skis-Never-Used-/252254006281?hash=item3abb82ac09:g:2dwAAOSwGotWmv-b
  8. Bill Talbot

    Show me your Retro Displays

    I'll break the ice and give a little hint of things to come here in our new digs... Now I know you guys and gals have stuff too.... show me whacha got!