1. Seldomski

    Best Spring Skiing Ski Pants?

    I'm looking for the best ski pants with these qualities: 1) Light colored. Either white or pastel to reflect sunlight. 2) Breathable and zero insulation. I don't care about waterproof, I need something that lets heat/sweat out and dries very fast. Even better if it's wicking fabric. 3)...
  2. LuliTheYounger

    Reinforcement or kick panels on the inner ankle of ski pants - is it necessary?

    I'm not at all in the market for new pants, but this came up elsewhere & I got curious! Mostly just asking as I dip my toes into gear design & it's a user experience issue I've never really thought about. I've skied in Burton pants for years, and was under the impression that snowboard and ski...