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  1. SkiTalk.com's 2023 Ski Reviews Are Live!

    Preview: SkiTalk.com's 2023 Ski Reviews Are Live!

    You can access our 2023 ski reviews by using our handy dandy SkikiTalk.com Ski Reviews in the title bar or by clicking on the Ski Reviews banner on the home page. This ski selector will let you click your way through well over 200 2023 skis along with past years models, a great option is you are...
  2. vindibona1

    Inside ski- How much pressure? Timing?

    I've been self-sequestered now officially for 2 months and while surfing YouTube came across this video of Reilly McGlashan. It's short, less than 2 minutes. The full discussion will probably have to wait until next year, (but my memory of this video won't last until next week :-0 ), but I...