Cage Match Comparison 2018 K2 iKonic 84Ti vs 2018 Völkl RTM 84 UVO


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Nov 1, 2015
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Depending on which generation you are talking about, you will hear vastly different and contrasting opinions on these skis -- so much that I am not quite sure where to start. But hey, lets give it a go. The all-new iKonic 84Ti and the revised RTM 84 UVO are reputation-building models that K2 and Völkl count on for volume sales, but through the years, both companies had skis in this vital frontside all-mountain collection that were polarizing and alienated some consumers one way or another. Fast forward to 2017-18, and K2 and Völkl are offering the best skis they ever have in this segment.

K2 Recon? Forget it. Forget every incarnation of the ski from when it started off at 78mm underfoot. Forget when the sizing said it was a 160/167/174 but really it was 163/170/177. Forget when it had one of the heaviest system bindings. Forget when they renamed it the Amp Rictor. And finally, but most importantly, forget when it was called the iKonic 84 last year. Why do I want you to forget all that? Not because those skis weren’t any good; on the contrary, they were so easy to ski that we didn’t realize how good they really were. I want you to forget all that because the new iKonic 84Ti is a whole 'nother ski. It is strong and powerful, two words you aren't accustomed to hearing about K2 skis. First was the all-new Charger collection and now these new iKonics -- it’s a brand new world.

There is also a lot to forget when talking about the new Völkls. AC50s and the first-generation RTMs, yep, forget them. These 3D Ridge Völkls are not those skis. The AC50 was an uncompromising I-beam; the first RTM was a zero-camber lifeless ski. These, however, ski with the precision and balance that should come from a ski that says "German engineered." They are what you expect a Völkl to be: strong, powerful, and precise (just like the K2). Surprisingly enough, the Völkl is easier to ski than the K2, the way a BMW is more refined than, say, a Cadillac -- but have you seen some of the horsepower numbers coming from Cadillac?
  • Why choose the iKonic 84Ti? This is best Völkl K2 has ever made. You want the big-block American feel from a ski. This is dropping the biggest motor in an American sedan and saying “We’re back” to the rest of the ski world.
  • Why choose the RTM 84 UVO? This is the best K2 Völkl has ever made. A friendly Völkl? You got it. This has the precision you expect from a ski with the Völkl logo but, as with the K2, it isn't what you expect. The power is there when you want it but does not demand that you use it all the time.


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Jan 17, 2016
I really like the "why choose" part at the end of your cage match comparison! :golfclap:


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Dec 13, 2015
Central Wisconsin
I just tried out the K2 iKonics 84Ti.

The day temps where almost 50 and by 4:30pm it was 40s. I was expecting soft snow, but it was rock hard.

First run was, holy crap, not going to be a fun night. The front chatter is something I don't like. I skied them the rest of night and got into a groove on them. Granted, I"m skiing 260' vertical but I was able to carve well and with out chatter. They felt like they could pick up some speed, if I had longer runs. :) Definitely have some weight to them compared to older K2s that I'm been on. I prefer a little heavier ski.

I got a sense that the early front rocker would be lots of fun in about foot of powder. I live in Wisconsin, that doesn't happen much. If I'm lucky, I get North one more time this year and experience some powder.

Now, I 'm no savvy reviewer, but these skis will have some long term fun. I have about 5 other ski patrollers that want to try them, so it will be interesting to see what they have to say.

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K2 Ikonics. :)


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Jan 28, 2016
I thought I would chime in here since I recently acquired some Volkl RTM 84s. Frankly, although I had heard a lot of positive things about the ski, I had no intention of buying them. I went into my local ski shop where I know one of the proprietors after receiving an email that they were having their annual clearance sale early this year. After chatting with my friend and hearing what a challenging season they have had, I had all the justification I needed to do what I wanted to do—buy some skis.

I went into the store hoping that they would have a 191 Enforcer 110 but ended up walking out with the RTM 84 in 182. It is a ski I frankly could use more than the Enforcer anyway as it really fills a more open spot in my quiver.

I now have 2 full days on it and think it is a terrific ski. I believe it is a ski that responds much better to being skied aggressively even though it does not demand it. I was kind of trying to feel them out on the first two runs I took on them and a tentative approach it was not working that well. If I had stopped there I would have thought I would have made an expensive mistake. However, there was a hint. I let them go at the bottom of the first run and they seemed to respond quite well to it. From then on, it was more of a tip it and rip it approach and it was a real hoot to ski fast and aggressively around the mountain. The ski bends nicely and can crank out a turn that is probably shorter than the 19 meter radius on the spec sheet. I really like the way it finishes a turn with a nice little pop in a linked carve but can also be feathered as well. It is fun and really capable. The trademark Volkl edgehold is present.

The second day was more of the same but I was also able to get it off trail more in some shallow crud, wind blown, and small moguls. It worked really well in all those applications while still being more fun on the groomed runs than the 93-98 all mountain skis I am typically skiing. As a narrower and lighter ski, it noticeably quicker edge to edge and a nice reminder of the virtues of narrower skis. I think this ski is going to get quite a bit of use going forward and I am very happy with my purchase.