Sponsored 2023 Nordica Enforcer 94 Unlimited Review



Getting off the lift
Feb 3, 2016
Carlsbad and Park City
Thank you! Been waiting on this one. Love their reviews and as a long time Enforcer rider and owner (104 Free, 100, and 94) I really am curious about this ski. The Enforcer shape is proven and performs in such a range of conditions and my ONLY gripe is "hmm...could it be a bit lighter"? Obviously, everything is a trade off and the review does a great job describing that and forcing you to really think about what you are planning to use the ski for. For instance...if I'm using the 104 mostly on soft days...the lighter ski would be great EXCEPT for the skied out crud that inevitably is going to develop as the day progresses. I had the 104 Free and the 94 out at Mammoth this past week and it was so great to be able to ski the 104 on a POW day and then downshift to the 94 as the Pow disappeared and the groomers were still soft. They were both fun in the conditions they were designed for. I'm not super wild about my touring skis right now, so these could be a really tempting option with a Shift or something like that .