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Sponsored 2024 Rossignol Sender Free 110 Review



Slashing Turns and Prices
SkiTalk Sponsor
Nov 13, 2015

The all-new Rossignol Sender Free 110, at first glance, seems like a ski that bridges a gap within the Rossi line. While that may be mostly true, it also stands on its own quite well not only for competitive freeride athletes, but also recreational skiers looking for playful flotation and a fun-loving ski. In Rossignol’s world, the Blackops 98 and 118 have been the cornerstones of their freeride line, while the Sender series, mainly the 104 Ti and 106 Ti+, has occupied the directional side of the spectrum. When these two lines, and their encompassing widths and builds unite, we get Sender Free 110. So, in one sense, this 110 blends the freestyle and freeride acumen of the Blackops skis, and in another, it takes the more business-like form of the Sender models. Whichever way you choose to look at it, the Sender Free 110 has a unique character that allows it to be its own ski.​


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