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Sponsored 2024 Volkl Revolt 96 Review



Slashing Turns and Prices
SkiTalk Sponsor
Nov 13, 2015

For 2024, we’re getting some new Revolts! The 95 which has been around for almost 10 years now has now been given some modern upgrades that just make a lot of sense for Volkl, especially with the direction that we’ve seen park skis moving recently. By bringing forward many of the attributes that has made the Revolt an amazing park and all-mountain ski, Volkl has been able to add new technology that brings this ski to the forefront of modern freestyle. While many skiers will use the Revolt 96 as a park-specific ski, that’s not going to be the case for everyone. This Revolt 96, much like its predecessor, is a fantastically fun and entertaining as an all-mountain option for a huge range of skiers. We’ve been talking up the merits of mid-90's twin tips for a long time around here, and this one fit right in with the best of them.​


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