Individual Review Giro Contour goggles

Andy Mink

I am a half fast skier.
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Nov 12, 2015
With Giro recently becoming the Official Helmet and Goggle sponsor of SkiTalk, the Giro Contour goggle has been my eye gear for the last several months. All I can say is WOW! These goggles are serious equipment. The Contours come in thirteen variations of strap colors and designs, according to the last glance at Giro's website. Lens choices vary by the strap color, but suffice it to say there are plenty of choices. My goggles came with the Black Wordmark strap and the Vivid Royal (19% Visible Light Transmission). A "bonus" Vivid Infrared low light lens (50% VLT) is included. Additional lenses are available.

First, one needs to be able to see clearly when choosing a goggle. The Zeiss lenses are crystal clear with no distortion across the lens. The Vivid Royal lens offers great contrast on bright days and even works very well on bright, flat-light days. The Vivid Infrared works very well on low-light days when clouds are heavy while still offering decent bright light coverage when the clouds part unexpectedly. Giro's Expansion View Technology (EXV) and Toric Spherical shape allow for almost 180° of view.

Swapping the lenses is easy; there are three small magnets, two on either side of the nose area and one on the top of the lens, that help position the lens to the frame. Once positioned, four small pins on the corners pop into the frame and hold the lens securely. Removal involves popping the pins from the retention points and removing the lens. While not as quick as using magnets only, this system balances ease of use with lens retention.

The frame itself is semi-rigid with a dual foam layer that has a soft covering where face contact is made. A large vent runs across the top of the frame with two smaller vents below the eyes. All three have covers to keep snow out. The Contour is Over The Glasses (OTG) compatible. I tried it with my regular glasses and it worked well, though I use prescription inserts from GogglesNMore. These inserts were for my prior pair of goggles, though they fit well in the Contours. I have noticed a slight rub mark on one side of the lens where the insert has apparently rubbed a bit. It's out of my line of sight and the frame of the insert hides it so it's not an annoyance. It is possible a different insert shape is meant to be used in this frame. The elastic strap is a typical affair with two adjustment buckles and two lines of non-slip silicone. The Contour goggle fits very well with the Giro Jackson MIPS helmet.

The Giro Contour goggle has an MSRP of $270.


Pins are captured by the frame to provide a secure lens/frame interface


Small magnets assist with lens attachment


The top vent is covered with a breathable material supported by a lattice frame


The bottom vents are covered by breathable foam
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