1. SkiTalk's 2022 Ski Reviews Are Up And How The Testing Shook Out

    SkiTalk's 2022 Ski Reviews Are Up And How The Testing Shook Out

    How the 2022 Testing Shook Out ... You Know … Due to Covid Yes, the long-awaited 2022 SkiTalk Reviews are up, about 200 skis in total. In the past year, ski testing took on a new dimension, due to Covid. It was announced early on that there would not be any on-snow industry demo shows, the...
  2. Andy Mink

    Mountain Bike Etnies Culvert MTB flat pedal shoes

    It's no secret that I'm a newbie mountain biker, or might as well be. My last bike was an early '90s Specialized Rockhopper with no suspension. That bike spent more time on the road than the trails so, technically, I had an early gravel bike. Fast forward to 2021 when I bought a Cannondale Habit...
  3. Giro Named Official Helmet and Goggle of SkiTalk Test Team

    Press Release: Giro Named Official Helmet and Goggle of SkiTalk Test Team

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Giro Named Official Helmet and Goggle of SkiTalk Test Team Reno, NV -- Jan. 20, 2021: is proud to announce that it has partnered with Giro as the official helmet and goggle of its test team. SkiTalk had been looking for a partner that provides not only some of...
  4. Andy Mink

    Individual Review Zeal Portal XL goggle

    As a returning skier after several years off, my last pair of goggles before returning probably came off the "no one else will wear these because they're really bad" rack. Last year I had the opportunity to use the Atomic Revent L FDL HD OTG goggles and was introduced to high quality lenses and...
  5. Andy Mink

    Individual Review Atomic Revent L FDL HD OTG goggles

    Eyeglasses. They’re the bane and savior of many people, including a large number of skiers. The saving grace of glasses is the ability to see. The bane is trying to find a goggle that fits over them without squashing the earpieces into the side of your head. Many companies offer OTG (Over the...
  6. K

    Individual Review Giro Agent Goggles: Good ideas, bad execution

    In November I purchased Agent Goggles. I even returned a set of Dragon X1s goggles which were too small to get these. I'm disappointed I did. The first time I used your product was just before Christmas in the evening at a local hill with the high school ski club I help chaperone. Switching...
  7. Jed Peters

    Helmet and Goggle Review--Smith Vantage/iOS vs Giro Range mips/Contact

    These two helmets were tested last week head to head (and back to back on the same runs!) in the Sierra mountains. The review is on the "overall" fit and functionality of the products, rather than a particular lens to use on a particular day. It was a super sunny we used the "sunny...
  8. Tricia

    Zeiss Lens Technology

    Every year it seems that goggle manufacturers are touting Zeiss lens technology in a variety of their goggles. I've seen some really nice lenses in Zeal, POC, and Giro, bringing some great improvements to vision. The lens in the Fovea Goggle in my profile picture is Zeiss. :ogcool So here's a...
  9. Jason Robertson

    Helmet thread

    .....because no respectable ski site can operate without one, lol. I don't wear a helmet, or even goggles at times. I like beanies and sunglasses when the conditions allow it. That being said, my son questions why I don't wear one, yet he has to. So I think I'm ready to give a helmet an...
  10. Tricia

    The weight of a helmet

    A customer was looking at the MIPS options of helmets in our store a few days ago and noticed a fairly big difference between two different helmet weights when holding one in each hand. Does weight matter to you?