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  1. Dan Egan's Ski Clinics for the 2021/22 Season

    Dan Egan's Ski Clinics for the 2021/22 Season

    Winter is coming! Colder temperatures mean adventures ahead, new locations, traveling with friends, and exploring our new COVID world. Dan Egan has a winter packed with Ski Clinics opportunities. Take an international trip or stay here in the US for a well-deserved ski vacation. Egan is...
  2. Tricia

    Blizzard Introduces All-New All-Mountain Collection

    Blizzard Introduces All-New All-Mountain Collection New core construction – TrueBlend – delivers perfectly balanced flex for today’s real world conditions. WEST LEBANON, NH (JAN 13, 2020) – Blizzard is proud to introduce a brand new collection of their best-selling all-mountain...
  3. Dwight

    Return of the turn episode 7

    Thanks @Marcus Caston
  4. geepers

    Ski Width and Certification Exams

    Interesting presentation from the PSIA National Academy 2019 on research on the effect of ski width on muscle and joint stress in alpine skiing. At 90 minutes needs some more review however this item seems very relevant to anyone undertaking instructor certification. (Not surprising given the...
  5. Dan Egan

    A sweet time in life

    This past winter I met four skiers whose perspective about skiing will pull me through the off-season. At a showing of the new Warren Miller Film, Bob Dunn was in the audience. Bob was the owner of Boston Hills in Andover Massachusetts from the early 60’s to the late 1980’s. He also operated...
  6. RumbaRockette

    I think I have a new favorite skier to watch... Marcus Caston

    No tricks, just perfect technique. ⛷️
  7. Dwight

    Return of the turn - Episode #5

  8. Tricia

    2018 Ski Movie Stoke Thread

    Let the 2018 Ski Movie Stoke begin Warren Miller Tour Face of Winter Featuring @Marcus Caston
  9. BobMc

    Utah Little Cottonwood Canyon 2017-2018, Reports, Pics, and Banter

    Today was the first day of operations for Snowbird, Alta has chosen to not open until conditions improve. The first day of the season started optimistically enough, I got up early and had plans on hitting the Bird about 7:45. I knew that wouldn't put me anywhere near the front of the line but...
  10. karlo

    Skis for carving in powder

    In the Mogul Stoke with Marcus Caston and Jonny Moseley thread, @Muleski wrote "Not a lot of these guys carve their turns like that in deep pow." Are there skis shapes, and particular ski models, that are great for carving in powder? I mean deep powder in which one doesn't hit bottom. To...
  11. Tricia

    Mogul Stoke with Marcus Caston and Jonny Moseley - Return of the Turn Pt 1

    This Freeskier video out of Squaw Valley with Marcus Caston and Johnny Moseley should get you jonesing for some bumps. @Philpug recognize the guy Marcus approached about skiing bumps in the beginning of the video
  12. Tricia

    Snowbird Shred

    Blizzard Athlete and Snowbird local Marcus Caston works with Adam Clark to film a video 100% in bounds and Snowbird. This is super fun to watch. For the full story go here.