retro skis

  1. Doug Briggs

    Free Lots of classic and vintage skis

    EDIT: Go HERE for photos of all the skis. Go HERE for details of all the skis. This is about half of what I'm going to get rid of. Dynastar Starglass, Mercury, Head 240, Kniessel, Rossi Strato, Blizzard, Lange, ???, Karhu, Kneissel Speed Machines, ??? phoenix, kazama, TRUCKER and...
  2. Dave Petersen

    Help SkiMore find the skis of his childhood (photos included)

    From Pugski member @SkiMore "I would love to find a pair of my first skis. Here are a couple of pictures when I was 3 at Bear Valley CA. The one picture shows the ski as Champion. The other picture looks like a different set of skis. Do you recognize those skis? Any information on these sets...
  3. Dave Petersen

    All Things Garcia

    All Things Garcia Garcia Skiing Equipment
  4. Tricia

    Richard Allen's Vintage Ski World in Carbondale

    The Sopris Sun featured Richard Allen and his business in an article expanding on how he developed his passion for vintage ski gear, both soft goods and hard goods, and later turned it into a business. We've had the good fortune to visit with Richard on a few occasions during Ski History Week...
  5. Joal

    Polishing aluminum......skis

    Did this a few years ago and it turned into an all consuming summer project. I was not sure if all aluminum could be polished to a high sheen but a little test on the Alu skis was encouraging. I started with ordinary, for wood,80 grit on my random orbital sander and worked through the grits to...
  6. Philpug

    New and Improved Heritage and Equipment Retrospect Section @Dave Petersen and @Dwight put a ton of work in creating the page, images, and links. Our resident historians @Bill Talbot, @Joal and @Doug Briggs also helped with some guidance. Just click on "Retrospect and Ski Industry by...
  7. Philpug

    Gotta love a Craigslist find; Unicorn content

    It's one thing to find a unicorn like The Ski Black Majics or Olin Ballets, but to find both at the same time, less than 2 miles from your house for basically free. Priceless!
  8. Joal

    All Things Amann

    All Things Amann Amann Skis This could be a very short "All Things". I just found one short blurb in a ski magazine from the sixties online and now I can't find it again. There was a favourable review ( aren't they all?) for an intermediate ski and mentioned Amann had been around for 40 years...
  9. LeVieuxCrouton

    All Things .... VOGG ???

    All Things Vogg Vogg Skis
  10. markojp

    New skiing, old gear :^ )

    Dunno, maybe this should be in the instruction forum.... nah, that'd be a can of worms, but here's Sebastien Michel rippen up the bumps on VR17's... Man o' man, the dude can flatout ski, that's for sure! Damn the side cut, just shut up and slide! ogsmile
  11. matsukuro


    I've made up an advertising frame from a real ski. used K2 ski in 1970 era K2 advertise in 1970 era Aa by matsukuro posted Mar 23, 2018 at 8:32 PM
  12. Bill Talbot

    Pre 1995 SKIS, Sightings in the wild...

    So another thread reminded me that we need a place to promote and capture the pure joy of getting out and skiing the old boards. We've got LOTS of great pictures of the skis but this is for ON THE SNOW pix, reviews and just comments about how big the smile was on your face while skiing them...
  13. J

    PSA And yet more "Beer Skis"

    Late ’70s Vintage Rossignol ‘Coors’ skis Really nice condition for being about 40 years old. Perfect for displaying on the wall or over the bar. Mounted once with classic Look-Nevada Turntable bindings (model N77 in metal) in great cosmetic condition. Look’s first turntable to include a ski...
  14. Dave Petersen

    All Things Zenith

    All Things Zenith Zenith Ski Company, Inc.
  15. Dave Petersen

    All Things Norsquip

    All Things Norsquip Norsquip XC Skis
  16. Dave Petersen

    All Things Tomic

    All Things Tomic Tomic Ski Poles and Skis SKIING Jan 1967
  17. Dave Petersen

    All Things Krystal

    All Things Krystal Krystal Skis
  18. Dave Petersen

    All Things Beauvion

    All Things Beauvion Beauvion Skis
  19. Dave Petersen

    All Things RBL

    All Things RBL RBL Skis SKIING Nov 1979
  20. Dave Petersen

    All Things Nishizawa

    All Things Nishizawa Nishizawa Skis SKIING Jan. 1970