Individual Review Mantra M6 "Ball of Confusion"


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Jan 30, 2021
what about m6 184 vs 191? I didnt feel the 191 was that much stiffer if any
You can select any ski you want in our comparator. You just have to search for the desired ski and click on it. But here is the link for that comparison.

They have exactly the same stiffnesses. They also have the same running length (i.e., they make the 191 longer by extending the ends of the tip/tail). If you test them on hard snow, you would have very similar experience. The 191 is slightly heavier and has a longer sidecut radius (22 vs 20), but that is about it.

The 184/191 are stiffer than the 177 and 170. We often see stiffnesses increase in "steps" for different lengths. That is part of why some lengths feel relatively longer/shorter than other models of the same length...
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Mar 29, 2016
NEK Vermont
I was going to say the same thing! I want those pants because they’d match my ski jacket! LOL.

That is all.

Wait….no it’s not. What boots are you skiing in that photo?

They look like the well known Tecnica "Spats" model.
Boots are Salomon Impact CS 120 :beercheer:

FYI for anyone shopping for ski boots: ( Sorry for the long post and Thread Pimp... on my own thread!!! )

When I went to my buddy who is Master boot fitter in Stowe in 2008 to replace my Technica Icons I think?? ( don't remember the model), he told me that the boot for my foot shape had not yet been developed and after watching me ski, that was part of why I was having so much trouble fundamentally improving my technique and leveling up. The next year he called me in August and I went over and spent 6 hrs on a summer day w/ him fitting "The Correct" boot and footbeds. It was the Salomon Impact Pro. The shell fit so well, he dropped me from a 29.5 to a 27.5 (my Hoka running's are size 11 wide).

Those finally wore out after 600+ days and I bought TWO sets of the next several years versions of the Salomon Impact CS 120s plus ordering several additional heel and toe sets from Lockwoods Sports (amazing shop that carries some of the most detail items) in the U.K. On the Pros he meticulously set them up w/ custom foot beds so that my feet were completely flat on the granite slab he used for that purpose. I had new foot beds constructed ( Masterfit Instaprint + Snow ) and doctored the new set exactly as he showed me including my Hotronics discs, but adding in the shell heating component of the newer CS 120 gave an even higher level of support and comfort. I have one more set to go till I need to upgrade.

He had some interesting comments of note about boots:

1- He said w/ these particular Salomon's, no need to go higher than a 120 for serious recreational skiing. The Impact Pro line was developed for all day comfort as a "coaches" boot.

2- If your recreational shell fits properly (by his meticulous standards), no need to ever change out the liner. There was barely any room for the liner and I can only use ultra thin socks that are pretty much see through. No issues w/ the cold as my circulation is not impeded and shell pressure points are all relieved. As a test, I bought and I tried a pair of Intuition liners and failed as they were much too thick for my size shell. Now I like Super Tight....... not pain.

3- To get "Flat" w/ my body mechanics and terrible alignment, I needed a boot w/ a) Instep buckle adjustment b) boot cuff alignment adj c) heel and toe Cant adjustment. I'm curious to see how the new heated shells accomplish all this as it took an entire season of runs to micro adj all the parameters properly. Also as you gain and lose wgt season to season, you have to re-adjust your boots. That makes me suspect of all the newer heated shell boots that have done away w/ those micro-adjustments in favor of having to re-heat your shell to achieve optimal integration. Maybe @Philpug can chime in on this w/ more solid info as mine is only one guy's evidence based experience.

4- Booster Strap........... Did I say Booster Strap???? Yes ... Booster Strap! :beercheer:

High end recreational boots need to be "Skin Tight" ... Not Pain!