Oregon to Colorado Road Trip with Mountain Bike June 2021

Tom K.

Dec 20, 2015
Two underrated trail systems, if your route allows:

1. Echo, Oregon. Trail system is 10 miles off I-84. Fun, easy xc trails without any scenery to speak of.

2. Vernal, Utah. The McCoy Flats trails are a blast.


Nov 13, 2015
Denver area
Also let me know if there's anything you'd like brought back for you (non-perishable/meltable of course) like hazelnuts, marionberry goods, etc.
What a sweet offer, @coskigirl! There's nothing I need. I get back to the Northwest periodically to see friends and explore places I didn't get to while I lived there ... work got in the way, y'know. I hope you'll do a trip report. It will give me some additional locations/activities to consider for future trips.

What kind of fishing is your nephew planning for you? Only fishing I did there was when my brother and SIL visited. He and I took a charter out of Garibaldi on the first day of lingcod season in the fall. I'd do that again in a heartbeat. Didn't hurt that I caught the most lingcod on the boat. There is a 2/person limit, so the captain kept taking the smaller ones from our bin to give to others. Lingcod is excellent eating. The big catch -- yes, also mine! -- was a 30-35 pounder. The other fish we caught was rockfish. Also very good eating, but hard to compete with the thick filets from that big lingcod. While fishing, they usually drop crab pots and you get fresh Dungeness. That particular day, the water was too rough for crabbing. Smaller boats did not go out. The Coast Guard was there monitoring boats going through the pass between the bay and the ocean. And I saw a whale while we were fishing. Great day all around. And the culmination of fishing for my brother as he fished the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico that year.

There are seasons for lingcod. I don't know if that's just for the commercial side or if it applies to everyone, but they do monitor the population.

These were some of our lingcod catches:


Thinking about your trip makes me really want to get back there. The Orcas and Victoria are also on my list, but will have to wait until the travel situation improves.

I hope you and Ginzi have some great adventures. It's still amazing how her life has changed in one short year. Reveling in the moment, not dwelling on the past -- she could teach us all a lot. She is such a lucky girl!