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2023 Xfinity Beaver Creek "Birds of Prey" --Live Updates

12/1/23 --DAY 1

9:15 Skiing is the only sport that is subject to the delays and cancellations for the one thig it needs to survive...snow! Not Golf, gee Rory, there's just too much sun today, we have to cancel. Lewis, the track is just too grippy, no race today. Ski racing? We got too much snow and winter weather, we might be delaying. Yes, we are on hold here at the Xfinity Beaver Creek "Birds of Prey" because we have some weather coming in which is nothing new for this event where weather has been a dark cloud so to speak over this event. The murmurs we hear, "If you want snow, schedule a World Cup event."

We are supposed to hear by 11:00 if the race will actually be able to go off today. Snow is not the issue at this point, but more so the wind coming in ... and further into the abyss, (much) wind is in the forecast for the rest of the weekend. Stay tuned.

In the meantime...

Here is "UncleE" starting the buzz interviewing people..

Media and Race Team members in the Media Center waiting patiently

10:00 While we are waiting...


@Daron Rahlves & Philpug​


@Tricia, Deb Armstrong, Philpug
10:30 They will be making the call at 11:00 . I have to say, we are disappointed that our coverage and access here pales in comparison to @Rudi Riet and @AaronFM's coverage from Killington.

10:45 Next decision will be at 12:30 start with pre runs starting at 11:30.

11:00 For those interested, Kriechmayr while he was practicing in a BOA boot. He will NOT be racing in it today.




12:35 Press Release:
Due to the heavy snowfall from last night and into this morning, together with low visibility, despite tremendous effort from the course crew, the Jury together with the Vail Valley Foundation Organizing Committe have decided to cancel today’s Men’s downhill. TCM tonight at 17:00 public bib draw at 18:00.
We are extremely grateful for the efforts of our race crews and Jury.


The official "Bird of Prey"...


8:41 Day 2 cancelled

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