Exclusive: Breaking News: Reno To Open Ski Area for 2026 Winter Olympics

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Reno, Nevada (4/1/17) -- Previewing a bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics, Reno has announced plans to open a ski area on Peavine Peak. With an elevation of 8,269 ft (2,520 m), Peavine Peak rises 2,186 ft (666 m); this is slightly less than the vertical drop required for an Olympic downhill, but officials are confident that the course can be routed through Somersett’s neighborhoods and traffic circles to meet the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC's) stringent regulations.

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With local organizations working together -- along with the Reno Casino Coalition chipping in “All You Can Eat Sushi” discount coupons for the IOC -- the deal should have no problem passing. An unnamed official was confident in saying, “If Sochi can get get a Winter Games right on the Black Sea, we should have no problem with our southern-facing slopes that rarely hold snow." When asked if they expect much resistance from the more established Tahoe resorts, authorities simply replied, "Our boys from down state had a talking to them, and they are respectfully removing themselves from consideration; we made them an offer they couldn't refuse." Representatives from the other ski areas were unavailable for comment.

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Occupants of the prestigious Somersett and the 55 and older Del Webb neighborhoods have mixed feelings about the resort and Olympic bid. One 57-year-old resident said, “Skiing has no place in the mountains; I moved here to play keno and walk my poodle, Mr. Fluffywuffy.” Others are not so negative and are even excited to see property values reach the levels promised by their fly-by-night real estate agents.

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About Peavine Peak:
The 3,500-acre Peavine Peak Ski Area has a beautiful view of downtown Reno and the Washoe Valley. In an effort to become one of Tahoe’s premier alternative ski resorts, Peavine Peaks is planning nine lifts, including a 37-passenger gondola complete with 5G Wi-Fi as well as North America's only high-speed elevated rope tow, which will access the summit. Offers are currently being accepted and submitted for the base area concessions. The laundry and linen supply contract is, how you say, spoken for.
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The irony here is there is currently more snow on Peavine than natural snow on the Olympic courses in China.

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