Kulkea has done it again, this time with a bag meant for air travel for the adventure-seeking soul. This bag is aptly named the Käydä, which means "to go."

Phil and I take a lot of long trips, mostly in the SS Pugski, so we use big gear bags that can carry a month's worth of belongings. The big bags are too much when we hop on a plane for a quick trip, though, so when Kulkea came out with this backpack, it piqued my interest.

When the Käydä arrived, it seemed smaller than I'd remembered, so I was skeptical that it would be big enough for a week-long trip, but I was excited to give it a try. I had planned to visit my family during shoulder season, and we all know packing for multiple weather conditions can lead to overpacking. I started laying things out and then sorting and culling them in order to find the right balance. As soon as I began, I realized that I really didn't need to pack as light as I did because this carry-on holds a deceptively large amount of stuff.

KulkeaKäydä Main Packed.jpeg

Kulkea Käydä Straps.JPG
Now that we've talked about the sizzle, let's get down to the meat of things. In true Kulkea fashion, the sturdy backpack straps and removable waist belt are padded for comfort, and an adjustable chest strap keeps the shoulder straps in place.

Kulkea Käydä electronic attach.JPG

The detachable travel kit has a handy spot to run a charging cord for a tablet and your other handheld tech devices. It also comes with a cross-body sling so you can keep it with you or quickly click it on the Käydä. I used it for toiletries during my trip.

The main body of the Käydä has an area for shoes or other things you want to keep separate from your clothing; this space has a waterproof zipper with a bonus 1-in. expansion. A front apparel panel has dual access with zippers and two utility pockets for toiletries or other essentials.

Since I was traveling during Covid-19, I used this compartment for things like extra masks, cough drops, and antibacterial wipes.

Kulkea Käydä Waterproof compartment.jpeg
Kulkea Käydä Front.JPG

Other handy features to make your travel easier include zippered passport and laptop pockets, a magnetic-closure water bottle holder, a stowable helmet holder, and sturdy handles on top and side for those quick grab moments. All of these features are packed into a bag that fits in the overhead quite nicely.

Kulkea Käydä Helmet holder.JPG
Kulkea Käydä Passport:laptop zip.JPG
Kulkea Käydä Carry On Compliance.JPG
Kulkea Käydä Overhead.JPG

After one trip with this Käydä, I'm confident it will be my "go to." Don't wait to get one: contact Kulkea and order yours "to go."

Kulkea Käyda To Go.JPG